The Black Madonna – He Is The Voice I Hear

2016 was a very decisive year for many. Between celebrity deaths, political issues and problems which dance music faced such as club closures and homophobia, it could be seen as a dark year. However, one of the shining stars from 2016 was undoubtedly Chicago DJ/Producer The Black Madonna.

Voted as the top DJ of the year by Mixmag, after listening to some of her sets it’s absolutely clear why. Her ability to blissfully weave classic, soulful house cuts is unlike any other, and the way she can mold an energy throughout a set is a clear sign of her absolute quality. Returning with her first solo record in four years, ‘He Is The Voice I Hear shows off her ability as a producer and allows us to see there’s much more to the American than her top-notch DJ sets.

The ten and a half minute long cut surfaced towards the end of last year but only now is it getting a proper release, and what a way to open up the year for the Chicago DJ. Opening up with a minute long piano solo, this sets the mood for the rest of the track. An intense orchestral ensemble dominates the majority of the tune alongside swooning synths and pounding drums. A true slice of soulful house, this combines acoustic and synthesized elements in the best way possible and creates a tune that is built for the dance-floor and for home listening. If ever there was a tune to be described as ‘epic,’ this would be the one.

You can listen to ‘He Is The Voice I Hear’ below: