The BPM Festival set to expand to Brazil and Portugal

One of Mexico’s biggest annual music festivals, The BPM Festival is putting on quite the show for their 10-year anniversary edition. Still hosted at the picturesque Playa Del Carmen, the elite and budding talent from the underground sub-genre of electronic dance music will be showcased for 10 whole days.

However, recently announced news in regard to the brand’s future will surely add even more excitement for international fans of the popular festival.

Referred to by Pete Tong as “firmly established” and on “the techno tourist trail”, the announcement brings to light plans to extend its status on the iconic musical trail. Confirmed to host its first events in both Brazil and Portugal, the expansion reflects the growth enjoyed by The BPM Festival in recent years.

Aiming to come into action shortly, the dates are set to be the 28th April through to the 1st May 2017, and September of 2017, respectively. Commenting on the business move, co-founders and directors, Craig Pettigrew and Phillip Pulitano stated:

“BPM’s organic growth over the last 10 years speaks to the integrity of the artists and the music that we present…We’re proud to have launched a dozen DJ careers and be a stand out platform for quality underground music, and we are looking forward to expanding our vision and festival family aesthetic to Brazil and Portugal.”

“After 10 years of honing our craft, we’re ready to take our grand show on the road…We hope to continue our commitment to diverse and forward-thinking lineups, expand to new territories, and show the beauty of different countries to our international fans who are the true techno tourists.”

With BPM Brazil primed to be located at the beach resort towns of Praia Brava, Itajai, and Balneário Camboriú, the event with be a collaborative effort with Warung Beach Club – an open-air venue ranked as one of the Top 25 clubs in the world by DJ Mag. And with BPM Portugal aiming to tap into the underground scene’s popularity in Europe, its pending location with not doubt be eagerly awaited.

Let us know your thoughts on the new expansion of The BPM Festival and stay tuned for further details as they are released!


H/T: Billboard

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