The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers debut brand new single, send out Backstreet Boys & Big Sean in Los Angeles

On Friday, December 30th, The Chainsmokers hosted their biggest headlining show to date. The New-York-based duo of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall took center stage and put together a monumental show at the Los Angeles Convention Center with thousands of fans in attendance.

One of the more memorable moments of this massive concert was when The Chainsmokers debut their brand new song. The title and release date for this upcoming single have not officially been confirmed yet, but the two DJ’s have revealed that it should be out soon.

In addition to the premiere of their track, The Chainsmokers also invited some special guests for their recent gig. They brought out the prominent band Backstreet Boys, who performed their 90’s hits “I Want It That Way” and “Larger Than Life”.

The Backstreet Boys tweeted, “Stoked we got to share the stage w/ @thechainsmokers tonight! Congrats on your huge La Convention Center gig… and thx for having us,” to which The Chainsmokers responded, “A massive thanks to the Backstreet Boys for smashing it so hard! Yall stole the show!”

Another artist made a guest appearance during The Chainsmokers’ concert. Rapper Big Sean performed his collaboration with Bay Area native E-40 titled “I Don’t Fuck With You” and you can check out a fan’s video of his and the Backstreet Boys’ respective performances below, as well as the debut of The Chainsmokers’ unreleased track.

Source: Billboard