The Chainsmokers – Paris

On December 30th, The Chainsmokers premiered their latest single titled “Paris” during their career’s biggest headlining show inside the Los Angeles Convention Center. After much anticipation building up toward its release, the track, which features the familiar vocals of a member of the famous duo, is finally out.

Prior to this brand new record, The Chainsmokers held a monumental campaign throughout 2016. The duo consisting of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall evidently evolved into international superstars after dropping several hits from “Don’t Let Me Down” to “Closer”.

Both of the aforementioned songs received multiple platinum certifications, became staples on the radio airwaves, and turned into anthems during some of the industry’s most renowned festivals. With such heavy momentum heading into 2017, The Chainsmokers have clearly geared themselves for another successful year.

The New York natives kick off the new year with a bang as they release their much-awaited single called “Paris”. Similar to their hit titled “Closer” alongside Halsey, Drew Taggart is also a main singer for “Paris”. His vocals combine flawlessly with the astounding piano melodies and the striking guitar riffs, which altogether provide a captivating listening experience from beginning to end. This production once again showcases The Chainsmokers’ superb blend of elements from electronic and pop music.

“Paris” is now available on Disruptor Recordings and you can stream it below.