Daft Punk to perform alongside The Weeknd at this years Grammy’s

It’s been ten years since legendary electronic act Daft Punk last toured and three years since their last performance at the 2014 Grammy’s. With many people hoping that the robots would go on tour this year as part of a rumoured Alive 2017 tour, it has been confirmed that the French duo will be performing at this years Grammy’s alongside recent collaborator The Weeknd. This year’s Grammys will take place on February 12th.

Daft Punk collaborated with The Weeknd on two tracks off his latest album; Starboy and I Feel It Coming and it’s expected that they will be performing these tracks alongside the Canadian. The group aren’t nominated for any award this year and as Starboy was released after the Grammy nomination’s deadline, The Weeknd is only nominated for his contributing work on Beyoncé’s latest album. This is the duo’s third time performing at the Grammy’s, firstly in 2008 alongside Kanye West and most recently in 2014 when they played with certain collaborators from the 2013 album Random Access Memories such as Pharrell and Nile Rodgers.

Fans will be hoping that this may lead to a tour announcement from the robots, but as everyone knows they are notoriously secretive, so time will tell whether or not they this performance is just a one-off.

Source: Pitchfork