deadmau5 announces upcoming release of a bundle of remastered classics

A new Deadmau5 album is imminent, although it may not be exactly what we’ve expected. Today Deadmau5 announced the upcoming release of ‘Stuff I Used To Do‘, a 21-track album coming this February. The album is expected to see Joel return to some of his classic tracks and give them a modern remastering, spanning tracks from 1997 to 2007.

With more modern equipment and some fresh creativity, these tracks are bound to sound even better than before. Of course, deadmau5 has stated his intentions to begin writing his next album of new material later this month, meaning more new music could be just around the corner. But in the more immediate future, we will soon get to enjoy these modern classics in a new light, set to be released on Mau5trap.

01. The big difference
02. Messages from nowhere
03. Digitol
04. Screen door
05. Squid
06. Sometimes I fail
07. 50 something cats
08. Charlie can not dance
09. Bored of Canada
10. Creep (Original Version)
11. My opinion
12. HaxPigMeow
13. Obsidian
14. Obilistik
15. Long walk off a short pie
16. Support
17. Superlover
18. Try again
19. Creep (2013 alt version)
20. Unspecial Effects
21. Creep