Birthday Flashback: Deadmau5′ biggest track “Strobe”

Deadmau5 has a mighty and massive portfolio of tracks. Adored for his musical craft by fans and his renowned for his satire wit, one can often find themselves delving into his treasure-trove of studio work. And today we take a flashback look at his biggest track, “Strobe“.

Arguably his defining anthem, the track spans comfortably over 10 minutes in length. Fulfilling in nature, the complete atmosphere has often been compared to over the years. From its haunting-yet-calming melodic introduction and its synthy underlays, to its transformative progressions and pulsating beat, the track’s use of FX help conjure a deeper energy to its consequential mood.

Now nearing its seventh anniversary, it still never ceases to impress with every listen. Whether consciously tuned into its marvelling subtleties and elements, or utilised as a backing tracking for thoughts and work, its diversity of effect reflects its wholesome construction.

Regularly compared to the likes of Eric Prydz‘ “Opus“, “Strobe” still attains a consistent high calibre of respect, from all stakeholders in electronic dance music. Now sitting on over 35 million views on YouTube alone, Deadmau5 also revisited the track back in September last year. Providing a special remix package of the track, it saw the esteemed composition handed over to the tastes and talents of Dimension, Feed Me, Lane 8, ATTLAS, and Com Truise.

However, no remix we ever likely come close to the initial impact, and awe, our first listens to the track brought about. Relive the magical mastery below and let us know your memories and thoughts!

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