Lost Frequencies

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Diplo – Hey Baby (Lost Frequencies Remix)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s collaboration with Diplo certainly proved popular with fans, claiming millions of plays across all platforms. Now releasing a special remix by Lost Frequencies of their track “Hey Baby”, the 24 hour period it was available as a Free Download certainly came as a welcome offering as we enter 2017.

Drawing from the curated tastes of Diplo himself, the studio atmosphere and chemistry of the original track would’ve have been a fascinating one to observe. Teaming up with the vocals of Debs Daughter, the Belgian Big Room pioneers took a leaf from the American’s Major Lazer vibes. Providing a bass-orientated tropical sound, the vocal distortion acts as the progressive melody. Meeting with an array of signature Caribbean synth’s and rhythmic tenancies, the influence of Diplo is ever-present.

In contrast, the reputed talent of Lost Frequencies has brought about a refreshed sound. Taking a more organic, instrumental, direction for the introductory sequence, it steadily rises with plunging chords, teasing for its tropical progression. Chopping soft guitar plucks with an underlay of warped synth, it makes for a rather fulfilling atmosphere.

While Lost Frequencies remix no longer available as Free Download, you can still listen to the remix in full below!


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