Dirty South

Dirty South finishes long-awaited track “I Swear” & teases new remix

Setting the bar high in the new year, Dirty South recently made a couple of announcements on social media that has had numerous fans buzzing. On his Twitter account, the Serbian-Australian producer first confirmed that his highly anticipated record titled “I Swear” is finally complete and is almost ready to be released.

Dirty South once previewed the track during a live stream on Facebook while he was stuck in traffic. Ever since this video was released, the excitement from fans have immensely escalated, especially now that the new single’s official release is just around the corner. In addition, Dirty South also premiered the track during the third installment of his show Drift Radio, which featured his monumental five-hour live set at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles.

A few days after Dirty South’s major announcement, he also tweeted that he has finished a brand new remix. Unfortunately, from the short, 15-second clip alone, it is difficult to determine which specific song Dirty South remixed, but we will provide any further updates once more information arises. Lastly, the release dates for Dirty South’s “I Swear” and his remix are yet to be confirmed; however, we can expect those tracks to be released soon.



Check out the preview of “I Swear” below.