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DJ Mag announce 4 of the world’s best beach clubs

Comfortably one of DJ Mag‘s less controversial opinions and rankings, their recent publishing of four of the best beach clubs in the world has got us excited for the upcoming summer season. Done as part of the build-up to their Top 100 Clubs rankings, the atmosphere of a beach party is a necessity for all electronic dance music fans to experience.

Featuring three from the continent of Europe and one from North America, the appeal of the Mediterranean Sea is more than apparent. Made-up of sun-kissed beaches, palm trees and an amazing atmosphere, it is impossible to deny their desirability.

Listing Papaya (Croatia), Cavo Paradiso (Greece), Guaba Beach Club (Cyprus) and Beach Club Montreal (Canada), the calibre and standing of the venues are undeniable. With Cavo Paradiso being hailed as one of the most established in the category, and Montreal rightfully earning a mention for its contribution to its homelands’ dance music scene, it is the dominant presence of both Papaya and Guaba that reflect the strength and depth of the eastern Mediterranean.

Able to host 2,500 clubbers, Guaba Beach Club has earned a reputation as one of Martin Garrix‘ favorite locations to perform. Kitted out with CO2 bazookas, eye-watering pyrotechnics and an encompassing sound system, the wholesome approach of the venue even includes free Yoga and Zumba. In turn, making it a venue for a more complete dance music experience.

Carrying a renowned reputation, Papaya’s location on the blessed shores on Zrce Beach has hosted numerous members of the genre’s elite artists. Coming with a large arena, notable VIP treatment and a dubbed ‘afterparty beach’, its festival events include the likes of Black Sheep Festival, Hideout and Spring Break.

We’ll soon find out if these four clubs made it to the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs later this year!

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