DJ Pierre returns to the Essential Mix to mark 30 years since the birth of acid house

In 1987, three musicians sat down in the studio after purchasing a Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer and created the seminal electronic tune Acid Tracks. Those three musicians were Spanky, DJ Pierre and Herb J and collectively they were known as PhutureAcid Tracks was passed onto legendary DJ Ron Hardy, who played the tune to his followers at the Music Box in Chicago. The track featured a sound that would go onto define a generation, a sound characterised by squelchy basslines and signature Roland beats. A sound many today know as acid house.

Thirty years on we can look back at the Phuture boys as one of the most pioneering acts in electronic music. Acid house is a sound which is still rinsed today and the legendary TB-303 sound is absolutely iconic and so sought after that the originals rack up a price of a few thousand online.

One of the groups members, DJ Pierre has kicked of the new year in style with a brand new Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. To celebrate thirty years since the genre’s inception the pioneering artist has recorded a special mix featuring an eclectic blend of acid and soulful house records. There’s no better way to start your year than with a cracking mix from one of electronic music’s legends: