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DJ Snake and Yellow Claw's

DJ Snake & Yellow Claw – Ocho Cinco (Remix Package)

Home Uncategorized DJ Snake & Yellow Claw – Ocho Cinco (Remix Package)

DJ Snake and Yellow Claw‘s monster collaboration ‘Ocho Cinco‘ has become one of the stand-out tracks of their sets since its release earlier this summer, and now they have called upon an incredible 27, yes you read that right, twenty-seven talented producers to add their own touches to the track. It would be a privilege for any producer to receive a remix request from one of the world’s biggest artists, and DJ Snake explained that he specifically asked the most underrated producers from around the globe to be included in the remix package, in order to expose their talents to a wider audience.

The majority of the remixes try to maintain the energy and Eastern vibes that make the original so unique, whilst each producer adds their own signature touches. Some of the standout remixes include Henry Fong, who adds a more mainstream dance sound, Busted By HeroBust, who creates a monster trap anthem, and Junkie Kid, who brings his hardstyle sound to the forefront. Whilst also featured on this incredible remix line-up include the likes of Auto Erotique, Botnek, Loopers, and Victor Niglio.

Of course, 27 remixes means that there is a little something for everyone, and therefore personal favourites will depend on each listeners’ individual taste, so be sure to check out all the remixes in full from the playlist below and pick your favourites.

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