DVBBS talk about ‘Beautiful Disaster’ EP and upcoming music

Since their breakthrough in 2013, DVBBS have become two of the dance music scene’s most prominent artists. With hits such as “Tsunami”, “Stampede”, and “Gold Skies” under their portfolio, the duo of Chris Chronicles and Alex Andre has solidified their status at the top of the chain.

Last December, DVBBS released their second extended play titled ‘Beautiful Disaster’. This six-track EP highlights their dynamic style of music production, featuring sounds that range from trap to house. Revealing their inspiration behind the release, the Canadian producers said:

“This whole world exists in this sacred balance of ups and downs, positives and negatives, all coming together; a beautiful disaster.”

As two of the industry’s biggest names, DVBBS have recently announced their tour across the United States. The duo will travel to major cities such as San Francisco, Boston, and Atlanta, and tickets are now available for purchase here.

In a recent interview with BUILD in New York City, DVBBS revealed that as a follow-up to their ‘Beautiful Disaster’ EP, they are set to drop a possible studio album in March. They mentioned a couple of names they have collaborated with, including American rapper 2 Chainz and Australian twins NERVO. In addition, DVBBS discussed more about the meaning behind their latest EP, their career overall, and the process that goes into their music production.

Check out the full interview below: