Eric Prydz presents: EPIC Radio 018

The return of EPIC Radio was one of Eric Prydz‘ finest moves in 2016. While also enjoy a flurry of other highlights, its continued effort has certainly hit a chord of gratitude and appreciation with his adoring fan base.


Forever renowned for having a seemingly never-ending stream of ID’s in his podcasts and performances, the 18th episode of EPIC Radio is no exception to characterising rule. A taste formulator, Eric Prydz’ ability to create an atmospheric journey through Progressive House is somewhat of a marvel.

Opening with his Pryda alias, the so-called “Decadence Intro” ID sets up what proves to be another hour well spent with the sounds of the Swede. Followed by a double dose of his other alter-ego, Cirez D, two ID’s combine to provide a tantalising opening. Throwing in his first of two non-Prydz tracks, The Hacker‘s remix of DJ Hell‘s “I Want U” brings a more ominous vibe and darker tone.

Featuring his eagerly awaited ID’s from V Festival and Mambo in 2015, the podcast certainly teases fans ever-more with what are hopefully upcoming releases later this year. Possibly being saved for his pending album in 2017, the other available tracks such as Pryda’s “Waves” and “Bauerpost” by Cirez D suffice for the time being. Polishing off in classy style with his Cubic 22‘s “Night In Motion“, the upbeat and vibrant mix comes to a fitting end.

Forever appeasing expectations, you can check out the full Tracklist and the podcast below!

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