Eric Prydz teases upcoming EPIC 5.0 show

Internationally acclaimed DJ and producer Eric Prydz has made his mark in the dance music world as one of the most brilliant musicians alive, and unlike most other producers, his live shows are up to par with his productions as well. His renowned EPIC shows are conglomerations of a stunning stage production paired with a flawless live DJ set from Eric, designed to engulf the audience in an all-encompassing specter of music and lights.

If previous installments of the EPIC show have anything to say, Eric’s EPIC 5.0 is bound to be one of the most incredulous shows to date. Although still in production, video and still-picture teasers of the show-in-progress have provided some insight into how massive the EPIC 5.0 show will be. The show is set to be held in London’s notorious Creamfields Steelyard on May 27th, and as Eric himself has stated in an interview: “Whenever the show comes out, it’s going to blow your head off.”

Check out the latest update from Eric Prydz on EPIC 5.0: