Hardwell’s iconic track “Spaceman” turns 5 years old

Hardwell‘s status is undisputed within electronic dance music and its ever-growing history. An elite artist within the scene, his contribution to helping pave the wave for the new waves of budding talent will forever be appreciated by the scene.

Head honcho at the reputed Revealed Recordings, the track will always hold a special place for his loyal cohort of fans. While having dabbled outside of his staple sub-genre’s, Hardwell’s core lot of Big Room and Electro House is exemplified by the timeless composition. Now with nearly 60 million views on YouTube, the track also aligns with Hardwell’s other timeless iconic’s such as “Apollo” and “Cobra” .

Released five years ago today, the track has been remixed by some of the biggest names in the industry. Going on to received a vocal edition, titled “Call Me A Spaceman“, the addictive lyrical layer provided another reason to remember and enjoy the track. Also achieving Gold Status in the United States in recent months, “Spaceman” will remain a crown jewel of his extended and illustrious studio portfolio.

Relive the magic below of the Electro concoction and let us know your favourite memories of the track and where you think it ranks within his entire discography!


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