Hunkaar – Mysa

Hunkaar is a name that will soon catch people’s attention in the near future. Displaying his talents to the world, Hunkaar recently released a brand new single titled “Mysa“, which is quite unique from the typical electronic music we hear today.

Not much information is known about this upcoming producer, but his music can definitely speak for itself. Hunkaar’s debut track titled “Chemicals” received heavy support from fans across the globe with its mesmerizing future bass elements and top-notch production quality.

Following the success of his first release and with the momentum on his side, Hunkaar has returned to drop the astonishing “Mysa”. The track opens up with a slow buildup, with the delivery of some soothing melodies and a pounding beat. “Mysa” soon transitions into the hypnotizing synth progressions that oscillate in a lengthy sequence.

The track keeps a consistent flow of energy until the end and maintains its blissful, summer vibes throughout. Overall, with its unparalleled deep house sounds and its relaxing musical experience, “Mysa” is most certainly set to propel Hunkaar’s career to entirely new heights.

Listen to the full track below and you can show your support for “Mysa” on the Spinnin’ Talent Pool here.