Jean-Michel Jarre Announces Debut North American Tour

He has become a household name within the dance music industry, with a catalogue of music dating back over 20 years, but strangely Jean-Michel Jarre has never toured North America…until now. Fresh off his Grammy nomination, the French icon has announced he will be touring nine cities across the US, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Set to be a truly mesmerising experience of sight and sound, his ‘Electronic‘ World Tour is guaranteed to offer an explosion of lasers and mind-altering dimensions. It’s where the cutting edge of performance technology meets the frontier of electronic vibes, with the Frenchman’s sets look to combine new material from the two-part EP Electronica with the latest LP Oxygen 3 and its celebrated predecessors. Tickets go on sale Friday, Jan. 27, whilst early-bird access to show tickets for Wednesday the 25th and Thursday the 26th of January can be unlocked when you pre-order Oxygen 3.

Check out the full tour dates in detail below.


H/T: Billboard