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KSHMR previews new ID at India’s Sunburn Festival

KSHMR has nestled himself into the status of being of the most beloved and respected acts in electronic dance music. Having enjoyed a rapid rise to fame as a solo act, he is now heralded as headline act wherever he goes. However, his status as India’s Sunburn Festival holds a special place for both himself and its festival-goers

Almost considered a home-coming as it were, KSHMR’s annual appearance at the event now brings much more than a standard performance. This year debuting his new show concept, with glittering visuals and musical scoring, he also put his talented skill-set towards the official anthem for the festival, “Mandala“, alongside the emerging Marnik. 

One of the most notable track features in the set was a new ID. Nestled into a beautifully curated score 15 minutes in, the ID’s insertion add’s a vibrant energy. Situated alongside MR.BLACK and WAO‘s reputed track, “HU HA“, the yet-to-be-named track has certainly gained people’s attention for further listening and details.

Rising through an audioesque KSHMR melody, the tracks kick-drum holds steady as a pulsating foundation. Surging forward with its electro progression, the ID is one we will certainly be keeping a close eye out for.

Dropping at 15.40, the clip below includes the full instrumental build up and atmosphere for your listening pleasure:

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