Major Lazer & Showtek release heart-wrenching video for their hit “Believer”

Following the release of their hit single ‘Believer‘, Major Lazer & Showtek have released the highly anticipated music video. Based on the current refugee crisis, the video follows a young boy in a war-torn country, switching between happy memories and footage of him being chased through the devastation by a monster.

Believer‘ has reached an impressive 50 million streams since it’s release in September 2016, which is not surprising considering the ferocity of the track with hardstyle elements coming through to create the ultimate powerhouse. A collaboration between Major Lazer & Showtek has been highly anticipated, with the artists clearly making an ideal combination.

Directed by Christopher Louie, the intense music video is highly moving, taking viewers on an emotional rollercoaster through the strong contrast between the footage of the young boy with his family compared with the sections in which he is running for his life while his home is torn apart. Inspired by the viral video of Omran Daqneesh, the young Syrian boy covered in dust in an ambulance, the music video is an tear-jerking representation of the current refugee crisis, which has a clear, meaningful story line with real-world implications.

Here is what director Christopher Louie had to say about the video:

“The concept of the video was inspired by the images of Omran Daqneesh, the Syrian boy covered in dust in the ambulance after his house was hit by a bomb. Like everyone in the world I was heartbroken by that image but I also saw a glimmer of hope. As dark as the subject matter is the point of our “Believer” video was to capture the resilience of youth and the hope displayed by communities coming together to save victims from the rubble.”

Here’s what Showtek had to say about the influences behind the video:

“Not every child grows up under the best circumstances. This video is meant to raise awareness to those less fortunate than us.”


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