Marnik talk about their future and exclusive sample pack release in latest interview

Having already featured as the producers behind Sunburn Festival’s official anthems alongside KSHMR not once but twice, the Italian duo of Marnik have quickly become one of the most recognized talents to make a recognizable standing for themselves all over Europe. Having featured on a diverse array of labels such as Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak, Armada Music’s Armada Trice, Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings and Spinnin’ Records to name a few, the duo have stamped their place as two dependable shoulders when it comes to delivering hits. Comprising of Alessandro Martello and Emanuele Longo, the Milan-based duo have had quite a few respectful collaborations along with the crème de la crème of dance music industry. With productions such as ‘Heart Starts To Beat’ with Blasterjaxx, ‘Orion‘ with Lush & Simon, ‘Jump Around’ with Tony Junior and two stellar Sunburn anthems produced alongside KSHMR titled ‘Mandala‘ and ‘Bazaar‘, there is no arguing the fact that the Milan residents have more or less cemented their position in the industry.

Returning to news after their performance at the Sunburn festival in India at New Years eve, the duo have another surprise for their fans and aspiring producers alike. In a combined effort with the Audentity Records record label, Marnik are releasing their exclusive sample pack aimed at assisting young producers in discovering and improving their sounds and productions. Titled as the Marnik Arena Samplepack, the package contains exclusive construction kits loaded with a variety of MIDIs, beat-work, leads, basses, stems and FX to encourage up and coming producers to polish their sounds and make them more suitable for the releases. This initiative by the Italians is highly appreciated as the upcoming crop of producers may be bubbling with ideas and melodies but lacked the assistance and technical wherewithal to realize their potentials. As expected, the collaborators are releasing this package royalty free, meaning that there is no strings attached to the tools and these can be used without facing any copyright charges as such.

As we were piqued by our interest in the rise and standing of the two, we contacted Marnik for an interview to explain to us their journey till the present, their previous production and collaboration experiences and what the future holds. Here they are, in conversation below:

Tell us about the origin of your music. How did you discover your sound?  

We come from two different backgrounds. Before Marnik – Emanuele was a trance producer, Alessandro belonged to the Swedish house world. Our music is a fusion of many influences and it is also connected to our personal experiences.

Your career even more skyrocket following your collaborations with KSHMR (“Bazaar” & “Mandala”). How did it feel to work with such a brilliant producer? How did both tracks come about?  

We discussed many times with Niles about this, we all think it’s just about feeling. When we work together everything is easy and we walk on the same line, so we don’t exclude even a possible new collaboration for 2017. KSHMR loved our tracks, especially Hocus Pocus, and then we got in touch with him and Bazaar finally came out!

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

We love music in general, every genre brings a lot to our lives. Actually, when we produce a track our inspiration mostly comes from other genres and not only the EDM world. The secret is to bring something of yourself and your life experience into your music.

Talking about productions, you’ve just released a new sample pack with your own sounds, lots of producers don’t tend to share their secrets or the signature sound they’ve been working on for so long. What was the message behind this decision and what was the idea behind it?  

Personally we think our music is more than a pack of sounds or presets. We don’t mind if someone else wants to try producing music using our tools, that’s not what really makes the difference. We are just happy to give this opportunity to our fans!

To top the last question; what advice would you give to your fans who are also aspiring producers?  

The main thing is to concentrate on what you like and make music for passion, not for money or glory. That’s the worst thing one could do. Also, as we said before, listening to different genres is always a good idea to expand your creativity.

2016 has been an incredible year for you guys, from your collaborations KSHMR and Blasterjaxx, to your performances alongside Steve Aoki and Sunburn Festival. Did you expect this year to be that big? How was the journey so far, do you have any highlights from the previous year? Or any disappointments?  

2016 was just incredible, we touched so many countries and played at so many big events. For sure our experience on stage with KSHMR at UMF, the residency with Steve Aoki at Ushüaia in Ibiza and the performance at Sunburn Festival will remain forever in our life experience. We didn’t expect so much love from people and such big results with our tracks, from ‘Heart Starts to Beat’ with Blasterjaxx to ‘Mandala’ with KSHMR.

What are some of your plans for 2017? Any follow-ups? Upcoming singles?

We can finally say that we are coming with a collaboration with Don Diablo that could really break the game. We worked on it for almost one year and we really believe in it. In the meantime, we are finalizing some new tracks that will be released next month. Can’t wait to share these with everybody!

Marnik’s Arena Sample Pack is now available for purchase here.

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