Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix goes platinum with “In The Name Of Love”

Martin Garrix officially broke out of dance popularity and into mainstream stardom behind the release of his collaboration alongside Bebe Rexha titled “In The Name Of Love” back in 2016. The track boasted Garrix’ masterful method of experimentation and showcased major strides of development in the past couple of months. “In The Name Of Love” was one of the most outstanding electronic records of 2016, and its pop appeal has been largely due to the assistance of the US-American pop singer. Now, the track earned the Dutch beatmaker a platinum certification, reaching another milestone in his still young career.

Platinum of course translates to the sale of 1 million units (with 150 streams equating to 1 sale). In the case of Garrix, the huge influx of digital streams on the single undoubtedly contributed to the certification. “In The Name Of Love” roped in a number of high profile remixes too, with DallasKSnavs, and Justin Caruso all offering their takes on one of the year’s biggest tunes.

Martin Garrix has incontestably had the biggest year of his career in 2016. Between “In The Name Of Love”a newly-released “7” EP, a world tour, and now a platinum plaque to boot, it’s hard to make the case that any electronic artist is riding a higher wave than Martin Garrix at the moment.

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