NOOX – Even Though It Hurts

Swedish producers Marcus Lindqvist and Johan Hedlund are two bright, up-and-coming talents to look out for in the very near future. Collectively known as NOOX, this duo has recently released a brand new production titled “Even Though It Hurts”, which consists of their signature “organic house” style.

Growing up in small cities in Sweden, Lindqvist and Hedlund began collaborating to produce music together. They both eventually created the project NOOX and for their first release, they dropped their astonishing track titled “Scars”, featuring vocals from Petter Hedström. This record received nothing but heavy support from fans and news media outlets and certainly drove NOOX’s career toward the right direction.

Following a long hiatus, NOOX have finally returned to release their song “Even Though It Hurts”. Describing the process of assembling this track together, NOOX stated:

“This song was actually one of the very first projects that we collaborated on. We felt that we had the melody in place, but we weren’t sure how to add that final touch of emotion that would make it into a great song. Therefore we stopped working on it. After the release of Scars, the two of us started working on the project again, but now with some mixed feelings from being dumped by our partner. Those things put together became “Even though it hurts”, a song that translated our feelings of being let down into music. Therefore we feel that it is the perfect comeback song. It represents the idea: that even when things go bad, and even though it hurts, there’s always a way to get over it and come back stronger.”

“Even Though It Hurts” is not your ordinary song in a sense that it is unique and majestic from the moment it starts to the time it ends. The track presents a captivating piano riff that builds up alongside some striking vocals. A masterful violin sequence soon follows, which is flawlessly blended with deep house and tropical house elements. The level of production quality this masterpiece possesses is truly remarkable and as a result, NOOX should only be one step closer to gaining the recognition they rightfully deserve.