ORBT feat. Aloma Steele – Boomerang

Jayson Constantino, or better known as his moniker ORBT, is another upcoming producer geared for tremendous success in this business. Versatility is a must-have trait in this industry and ORBT clearly possesses that skill as proven by his incredible talents as a DJ, music producer, and an audio engineer.

Hailing from the city of Baltimore, this American artist has become a household name within the Bass Tribe community after having played numerous shows during the past four years. ORBT’s prowess in production is not to be ignored either, especially with the amount of praise his ‘Midnight Dreams EP’ received.

Consisting of the mesmerizing “Midnight Dreams”, the otherworldly “Sun & Moon”, and the bone-chilling “12:01 AM”, this extended play truly showcased the music ORBT is capable of creating. In addition, ORBT once partnered up with rapper sensation K.A.A.N. for the highly successful release of ‘Eclectic Audio’.

Returning with another mind-blowing record, ORBT has just dropped his brand new single titled “Boomerang”, which features the vocals of Vancouver-based singer and songwriter Aloma Steele. The track opens up with a slow melodic buildup that transitions into Steele’s striking vocals. A short progression culminates toward the massive future bass drop that perfectly suits the mood “Boomerang” attempts to implement.

Overall, ORBT creates another astounding production in the form of “Boomerang”, which you can download for free here.