Pendulum’s long awaited return happening in summer 2017

After an extensive hiatus lasting over 5 years, the legendary and notable drum and bass band Pendulum, originally founded in Australia and best known for their fusion of industrial rock with electronic music, finally returns to the scene in the summer of 2017. After years of continuous teasing, Pendulum have assured their fans they are coming back, for real this time.

Originally formed in 2002, Pendulum members consisted of Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding, with a few other members coming and going throughout the years.  Eventually, Swire and McGrillen formed the renowned electro-house duo Knife Party.

With such a wide variety and long discography, it’s hard to choose their most iconic songs. Amidst the numerous records they have knocked out over the years, “Tarantula”, “Watercolour”, “The Island”, “The Tempest”, and “Witchcraft” are some of their top fan favorites. Each song showcasing their unique fusion sound of two entirely different musical genres, it’s safe to say Pendulum have endowed the EDM scene with an entirely different perspective on music, and have even converted listeners of other genres to give electronic music a go.

Pendulum have released a short 24-second video teaser of their highly anticipated return, finishing off with their iconic vocal hook from “The Island”, “What are you waiting for?”  Unfortunately, fans will have to wait another 5 months before they can experience Pendulum’s return, but the wait will surely be a sweet one.


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