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Porter Robinson & Madeon mini-album appears online

Just when fans of Porter Robinson and Madeon thought the unfolding news around their “Shelter” collaboration couldn’t continue much more, another twist in the plot has occurred.

Found on a handful of Japanese online store, is a Pre-order version for a mini-album by Porter Robinson and Madeon. Set to be composed of 15 tracks, and short anime movie, suitably titled ‘Shelter’, the tipped released date is for the 15th February.

While not going against their statement that the collaboration was a one-off occurrence, the tracklist will certainly appeal to both of the fan bases. A balance of their individual hits and some of its notable remixes, the product would act as a fitting ending to their  joint tour.

Primed to finish at Coachella later this year, for many it will be the the coming together of something they will hold, treasured, for a lifetime. Comfortably one of the highlights of last year, the final performance will undoubtedly bring a veil of sadness for many followers of the genre as a whole. However, promising to go off and continue their solo interests and projects, it carries a silver-lining at least.

Check out the Tracklist below and the online Pre-order here.

01. Shelter
02. Shelter (Mat Zo remix)
03. Sad Machine
04. You’re On
05. Flicker
06. Pay no Mind
07. Nonsense
08. Divinity
09. Home
10. Goodbye to a World
11. Flicker (Mat Zo remix)
12. Pay no Mind (Yasutaka Nakata ‘Capsule’ remix)
13. Fresh Static Snow (Last Island remix)
14. You’re On (Oliver remix)
15. Shelter (Piano version)

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