Premiere: Janieck – Just Wanna Be With You

Vocalist turned producer Janieck Devy aka Janieck has certainly had an impressive start to his career, having released his first acoustic style album ‘Survival Guide‘ in 2014. Soon after this, the Dutch singer-songwriter changed direction when his music became more house oriented, with hits such as ‘Feel The Love‘ and ‘Reality‘ illustrating his new style.

Following on from a highly successful year, Janieck’s latest track ‘Just Wanna Be With You‘ will mark his first solo release on Spinnin’ Records as both vocalist and producer, a huge step in his career which will no doubt lead the way into further success during 2017. The track is certainly set to become a fan favourite, with it’s subtle tones and chilled out infectious rhythm accompanied by exceptional vocals. Throughout the track, Janieck’s influences come through strongly with the clear acoustic sound dominating the track. ‘Just Wanna Be With You’ is rather more instrumental than most dance music tracks, with guitar elements leading the way through the production.

We caught up with Janieck to discuss his latest single ‘Just Wanna Be With You’ as well as his greatest influences. The Dutch producer also opened up regarding some of his biggest influences, including those who helped shape him into the musician he has become today.

With you beginning your career as a successful singer/songrwiter, how do you feel about the progression to having your first dance production ‘Feel The Love’ released on Spinnin’ records?

After my collaboration with Lost Frequencies on the song Reality, I didn’t want that to become a one-time only thing. I enjoyed the music so much and continued creating it. To be releasing a song like feel the love on the biggest dance label in the world is an honor!

To wrap up the previous question, could you tell us the story behind your new release ‘Just Wanna Be With You’?

I was at a song camp writing for other DJ’s and they wanted a Justin Bieber-like topline on their instrumental. So I did and ‘Just Wanna Be With You’ was born. Like half a year later the DJ’s changed their minds about it and I received it back. When I listened to it again I thought, let’s rewrite some of it and do it myself.

Your collaboration “Reality” with Lost Frequencies has been an absolutely massive success, how was working with such an amazing talent, and did you expect it to be as huge as it is?

I think it was the easiest and quickest song I’ve ever made. I sent him a voice memo, he was like: cool! I wanna work with that. So I finished the lyrics, recorded the guitar and vocals and send it over again. We had one talk about the production approach, he aced it and done! Haha, it was exactly like it sounds. A Layback, feel good tune.

How would you feel about making a full transition from a singer to a full blown producer/touring DJ?

Well producing is something I’m already working on for a while now. Becoming a DJ feels weird to me because I have played in so many bands! I’m a band guy, guitar, singing , bass guitar etc.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

John Mayer, he has that perfect: easy complexity.

What advice would you give to your fans who are also aspiring producers?

Don’t think too much, let it flow and do what feels right. I know it’s cheesy but it is the truth to me.

What are your plans for the upcoming year? What can we expect with regards to new music? Any tours/festivals scheduled?

This year I will be releasing more music than ever! As we speak my team and I are conducting a whole new show which is almost finished so performing will be my second occupation.

‘Just Wanna Be With You’ is now available on Spinnin’ Records premium, grab your copy here and listen to the track below:

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