Premiere: Vorwerk & Mazare – You’re The One feat. Matthew Steeper

Widely known as dance music’s most prolific ghost producer, Maarten Vorwerk became one of the most talked about producers in the industry when information surfaced labeling him as the artist behind some of the biggest anthems released in recent years. Releasing music under his own name for the first time since 2009 and making his debut on Spinnin’ Records, Maarten Vorwerk has teamed up with Mazare on masterful new single ‘You’re The One‘ which features heartwarming vocals from Matthew Steeper.

As undoubtedly the most well-known ghost producer in the scene, Maarten Vorwerk has been at the centre of perhaps the biggest controversy in modern dance music, the use of ghost producers. A widely debated topic, some argue that due to the intensive schedules DJs follow, ghost production is necessary in order for artists to continue to release music while touring the world. However, there are many in the scene who believe that ghost production essentially damages the legitimacy of an artist, due to the nature of the trade. In our recent interview with Maarten Vorwerk he opened up about his views on the subject, and the reality of ghost production as a career choice, explaining his reasons behind becoming a ghost producer. Despite the controversy, he has always been hailed as one of the biggest talents in the industry, with fans consistently praising his productions.

Joint collaborator on the track, up and coming producer Mazare has been releasing stellar tracks since 2014, but has steered clear of revealing his identity to the world. His releases up to now have been largely progressive house oriented, while this release with Maarten Vorwerk is in complete contrast, with clear Future Bass influences coming through. Only days ago, Mazare created a Facebook page announcing the collaboration and uploading a photo of himself with his face obscured from view, adding to the mystery of his identity.

We sat down with Mazare to discuss his new track, influences and plans for the coming year:

There is a lot of buzz around your new collaboration “You’re The One” with Maarten Vorwerk. As it’s also Vorwerk’s first appearance in the title, and him behind dozens of major hits in recent years – how did it feel to work with such a brilliant producer? How did the track come about?

It was a lot of fun! Maarten is a great person and an incredibly skilled producer. Working with him felt incredibly natural; as soon as we met we started sending ideas, melodies and samples back and forth, and after a few months we wrote the first version of our single ‘You’re The One’. It’s still difficult for me to realize I’m working with him.

Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

I spent my early years listening to my father’s huge record collection. Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, The Blues Bothers and Frank Sinatra were my bread and butter, and I still listento a lot of non-electonic artists. When I started making music I was all about progressive house: DubVision, Swedish House Mafia, Matisse & Sadko and Alesso have always been my biggest reference points.Nowadays a great part of my inspiration comes from electro-pop artists such as Porter Robinson, Madeon and Puppet. All these different influences are the reason why, when I’m sitting in the studio writing my music, I always try to figure out how to merge elements fromthe different ‘eras’ of my life into a single track.

What advice would you give to your fans who are also aspiring producers?

The best advice I could give to every aspiring producer on earth is to try not to criticize anyone else’s work. I mean, if you think you can do it better, or faster, just shut up and do it. Actions truly speak louder than words.

What are some of your plans for 2017? Any follow-ups? Upcoming singles?

Maarten and I are working on a follow-up for our single at the moment. I also started another huge collaboration with one of my favourite artists ever, and I’m super excited aboutit. After that, it could be the right time to release a Mazare solo single..or an EP, who knows!

‘You’re The One’ is an emotional and compelling composition, with all elements of the track connecting to create a masterful and entrancing finished product. Matthew Steeper’s exceptional vocals are the perfect fit, effortlessly leading the way towards the track’s climax, a euphoric future bass explosion which pulls on the heartstrings of the listener. A true masterclass in production, ‘You’re The One’ is a true showcase of the talents of both Maarten Vorwerk and Mazare, clearly demonstrating both artists have plenty more to offer in the future.

Mazare has revealed the pair are already working on a follow-up to this single, which is not surprising due to their clear compatibility in music production. Released today on Spinnin’ Records, ‘You’re The One’ is without doubt going to be one of the most outstanding hits of 2017.

Listen to the exclusive We Rave You premiere of ‘You’re The One’ below.

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