Slackwire – Housy Brass

One of France’s brightest upcoming producers has recently returned with yet another outstanding record. Slackwire, whose name is starting to gain more notoriety, has released his latest single titled “Housy Brass”, effectively displaying his incredible talents once again.

Hailing from the city of Nantes, Slackwire has consistently proven his ground as a creative and skillful music producer. His résumé can certainly speak for itself, with astounding tracks such as “Dance Fever” and “Enjoy the Groove” listed under his discography.

Two months ago, Slackwire released his most successful production thus far, which was his funky house tune called “Funkology”. This track not only accumulated tens of thousands of streams online, but also received heavy support from many fans around the world.

Keeping the momentum strong and starting the new year on a high note, Slackwire has just dropped the heartwarming “Housy Brass”. The track opens up with an oscillating synth progression that blends together with a catchy beat and some striking chords.

Soon after, the lively vocals enter alongside the rejuvenating melodies, which altogether build up toward the climatic sequence. Overall, with its blissful vibes and positive energy, “Housy Brass” would be a clear fit for any dance event under the hot, bright sun.

The track is now available for a free download here.