Soundcloud once again removes Martin Garrix & Hardwell’s music from their profiles

Soundcloud has had a difficult relationship with Martin Garrix in the past, and recently, they removed Garrix’s own music from his Soundcloud profile for the third time. The first two times that this issue has occurred – the streaming platform removed tracks “Don’t Look Down” and “WIEE.” But with the most recent incident, the copyright detection software really screwed the pooch and removed six tracks from the talented young producer’s page.

As we can see from Garrix’s tweet, Soundcloud has removed tracks such as “Poison,” “Lions in the Wild,” “Bouncybob,” and many more. The artist himself is irritated by such incompetent act and voiced his opinion on twitter:

Soundcloud’s copyright detection software has malfunctioned numerous time not only with Garrix’s work – original tracks and official remixes have been taken off of artists’ personal pages.  A recent tweet from Sebastian Lintz, Revealed Recordings’ A&R, he posted a screenshot of notification from Soundcloud stating that multiple tracks have been taken down from the Revealed Recordings’ profile as they violate the streaming platform’s copyright rules.

Soundcloud really has to step their game up and fix this troublesome bug if they want to compete with other up and coming streaming services. These mistakes are not acceptable as artists and record labels are eager to get new content to the fans out there; without a proper, working copyright detection system, Soundcloud may soon be a thing of the past.