Premiere: Spinnin’ Sessions 191 Guestmix CMC$

Picking up where it left off in 2016, Spinnin’ Sessions is already back with another offering of the world’s biggest dance music label’s latest material. Also including a special guestmix from one of the scene’s fastest rising talents, CMC$, it is certainly a hopeful indication that 2017 will be another year of quality output.

Kicking off with Trobi‘s debut single “In The Studio“, the 17-year-old talent is clear for all to see. Teaming up with the vocals of Junglebae, the tropical electro leads in well to the combination of Tiesto‘s newest label, Aftr:Hrs, latest offering, by Niklas Ibach and Zaeden‘s “City Of The Lonely Hearts“.

Progressing on, the podcast goes on to include what is tipped to be one of the years biggest tracks, Kris Kross Amsterdam‘s collaboration with Conor Maynard and Ty Dolla Sign, Don Diablo‘s “Switch” as well as Fox Stevenson and Mesto‘s work on the infectious “Chatterbox“. Rounding out the final four tracks from the first 30 minutes is Spinnin’ Records latest Talentpool recruitment, Christopher Damas, alongside Diamond Pistols, and the reputed names of Dannic, DBSTF and Mike Williams.

Standing for ‘See Me Counting Stacks’, CMC$ has already gained attention from his remix of Lady Bee‘s “Return Of The Mac” and collaboration with DVBBS for “Not Going Home“. Delivering a platter of 16 tracks in just half an hour, the Dutch talent intertwines the likes of Alvaro, Nervo, San Holo and LNY TNZ for an indulgent offering of sub-genres.

Also inserting his new track “Keys“, CMC$’ track with Jalise Romy is included at the optimum time, given its release date this Friday. Polishing off the Spinnin’ Sessions Guestmix with studio work from the likes of Flux Pavilion and Quintino, the breadth of the consistent talent’s tastes is portrayed in full.

In addition, CMC$ sits down with us with an exclusive Q&A, providing a thorough background of his artistry and inspirations behind the project.

1. Your upcoming release “Keys” is coming out on Friday. Could you tell us more about how the idea for the track came to life?

“I’ve made the rough idea with the melody and chords back in April 2016. For me on that point it still missed something… after several months I opened the project again and made a new drop. From there on I started working on the lyrics together with Jalise Romy, which resulted in the final of ‘Keys’.”

2. Your new collaboration Not Going Home; with DVBBS is already a huge hit. How did that all come about?

“DVBBS and I were matched by our management, who brought us together. We received the vocals and made the whole record in one day.”

3. Tell us about the origin of your music. How did you discover your sound?

“It all started 2 years ago with my track ‘Wake Up Call’. I wanted to make something different, something with emotion and a story in it. After this I kept the same kind of vibe in all the rest of my productions.”

4. Have there been times when you felt like you’ve run out of ideas/directions to go in with a particular sound? If so, how have you dealt with it in the past?

“Yes of course. I think every producer has experienced something similar to this… For me the main thing is to just make what ever you like, don’t think in that particular sound! You’ll always discover something new and you must keep trying to work on new sounds. I’ve worked with a lot of singers/songwriters with another view on the song, this resulted in better productions in the end.”

5. Who do you consider to have been your biggest influences throughout your career that have made an impact on your productions?

“I’ve always produced in my own way and had many influences from different kind of genres like Jazz, R&B, HipHop and EDM. But If I have to name someone it would be Cashmere Cat for sure. I’ve had his music on repeat for years!”

6. What are some of your plans for 2017? Any major collaborations, festival slots, tours planned, etc?

“I’ll do some big shows. Will be touring as a support act and a lot of new music is coming up! This will be my main focus during the year.”

7. What advice would you give to your fans who are also aspiring producers?

“Do your own thing and follow the sound you like to make. You don’t have to make hype music to get your fame.”

Premiering with We Rave You today, you can check out the first Spinnin’ Sessions of 2017 below and get a taste of what the year has in store!

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