Celebrate Tiesto’s birthday with the iconic 2004 Parade Of The Athletes album

In the August of 2004, the XXVIII Summer Olympics was to be televised for the first time as an international level high definition broadcast. It was also to be that for the first time since 1928 that new, and historically accurate, medals were to be used. It was truly a time of firsts for the Olympic Games. But what stood above it all was the fact that a DJ was going to perform at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics. Given the time and rise of Trance during those days, who would’ve argued for anyone other than Breda-born DJ Tiesto to don the honor. And to celebrate Tiesto’s birthday today we’re rewinding to the release of his 2004 album Parade Of The Athletes, which is a collection of tracks that had either exclusively been produced for the performance or were part of his grand set at the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Featuring a strong collection of hits like ‘Traffic’, ‘Adagio for Strings’, ‘Lethal Industry’ and ‘Athena’, the album showcased 8 tracks which were exclusively produced for the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games, which were hailed as “unforgettable, dream games” by IOC President Jacques Rogge. Interestingly enough, Tiesto had been asked by the IOC to not include any tracks which featured lyrics as they may be prone to being misinterpreted. But a listen to the album would justify to anyone that Tiesto let the music do the talking itself. As an album that can be hailed as the summation of Continental Europe music scene of the times, Tiesto’s Parade Of The Athletes will forever remain etched in the memories of all those who participated, watched live or walked the tracks as a country’s contingent on that spectacular night in Athens.

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