Twenty One Pilots – Heathens (CH!NJONG X CH!NJONG remix)

CH!NJONG X CH!NJONG is yet another producer duo set to rise toward the higher ranks of the industry. Starting off a career within this industry is, by any means, no easy task, but CH!NJONG X CH!NJONG seem to have given themselves a tremendous head start with their latest track. For their brand new release, the Cameroon-based talents have dropped a deep house infused remix of Twenty One Pilots’ “Heathens”.

Right off the bat, their “Heathens” remix brings out the underground vibe with its mysterious and dark melodies and breakdowns. The track takes its listeners through a completely different dimension during its bone-chilling buildups, which transition into the climatic sequences. With its hard-hitting drums and striking deep house elements, the drop definitely has the capability of energising an entire crowd and making every single audience member dance to the beat.

This remix boasts their stellar production quality and is likely their best creation to date. The track has everything a good deep house track needs: short, punctuated melodies, repeating vocal harmonies, and on-point percussions, all sitting firmly on top of a syncopated bassline meant to keep the listener’s body moving.

Down the road of divine deep house, CH!NJONG X CH!NJONG charts cleverly created atmospheres and intriguing sound design. Progressing slightly throughout, but staying close to a central theme, this is yet another diamond in the rough that deserves to be heard by a wider audience.

Grab your free copy below.

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