Warriors X Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren signs MR.BLACK & Skazi’s “Warriors” debut EP to Armada

When Armin van Buuren premiered their EP on the episode #797 of his ‘A State of Trance‘ radio show, the Warriors duo were certain that they were only a release away from guaranteed success. The Israeli duo, comprising of Yaniv Biton & Asher Swissa – who’re also popularly known by their individual monikers of  MR.BLACK & Skazi, released the self-titled 3-track EP on the ‘Who’s Afraid Of 138?!‘ sub-label of Armada Music. As is tradition with the sub-label, the EP features three dark-themed hard hitting tracks titled ‘The Mind‘, ‘Rave & Party‘ and ‘Marakesh‘. A befitting release for the exceptional label, Armin rightfully introduces the duo as a coming together of “two legends” and their infectious EP is sure to follow suit in terms of success of their individual music output.

The EP kicks off with powerful 303-style beat-work in ‘The Mind‘. Fast paced, break-beat, dominating synth-work and an eerie vocal snippet to guide it along, ‘The Mind‘ is an excellent introduction to the EP at large and epitomizes what we ought to anticipate from the Warriors output. ‘Rave & Party‘ in comparison is even faster and an overtly energetic release.Carrying the EP forward as the second track, it’s a production masterpiece with its bewildering break which will rock stages regardless of being club-oriented. The last track in the EP is the melody laced thumping single titled ‘Marakesh‘. Providing a solid end to the release, ‘Marakesh‘ outlines the EP as a more upbeat and inviting track to the listener although maintaining the overall feel of the EP.

Assured to do well on the charts as far as expectations go, the performance on the charts is of little addition to the captivating release that the Warriors have put out in shape of the self-titled EP.

The EP is available through Armada Music on Beatport here.

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