Alesso – Falling

Swedish powerhouse Alesso is one of the standout names amongst the dance music elite, and his music is always guaranteed to deliver quality. After the successful 2015 release of his debut album Forever, which marked the beginning of a tour as well as top releases, Alesso is continuing his legacy of chart topping hits with his 2017 single, “Falling”. Serving as the predecessor to tracks “I Wanna Know” and “Take My Breath Away”, the Swede continues to move away from his progressive house roots in favour a slightly more mainstream sound. So those of us hoping for a return to the ‘If I Lose Myself‘ style of production may find ourselves disappointed.

But that takes nothing away from this latest offering, which is unique and creative in its own right. The vibrant track features the impressive vocals of an unidentified female vocalist, which are underpinned by lush harmonies and a perfectly executed foundation. In an era where tracks are beginning to sound increasingly similar, this is a refreshing break from the status quo, and sees Alesso head in an exciting new direction. Deeper bass lines, catchy chords, and a groovy beat combine to a make what is bound to be another hit for the Swede, and we look forward to hearing what else he has to offer throughout 2017.

Stream ‘Falling‘ in full on Spotify.