Avicii previews more music from upcoming album

In the midst of recording his third studio album, Avicii recently teased new music that could potentially take part in his upcoming release. On his Instagram account, the Swedish superstar posted several stories that shows the production process behind this highly anticipated album.

In 2016, Avicii shockingly revealed that he will be retiring from his touring career to focus more toward music-making and his personal life. Therefore, after his final live performance at Ibiza, Avicii turned his attention to vigorously working on his new album.

Last week on Instagram, Avicii provided his fans with a sneak peek of what his album has in stored. He gave an insight of a recording session and from those particular videos, a melodic track seems to be in the works.

Returning with more previews, Avicii uploaded more stories on his Instagram account, which reveals more of the experimental side of his production style. Avicii is known for his willingness to tap into other genres, similar to how he fused country with electronic music with “Hey Brother”.

From these recent clips, Avicii looks to have experimented with rock elements, which once again proves why he is one of the more versatile producers in the business. Check out a compilation of the Instagram stories below.


H/T: YourEDM