CDC & KOSH – Vanished Calls

Two of the electronic music scene’s brightest upcoming talents have recently united to form a huge collaborative project together. Music producers CDC and KOSH have joined forces and combining their respective sounds together, this duo has just released their debut track titled “Vanished Calls”.

Cristóbal Delgado Candela, or more prominent as CDC, is currently one of Venezuela’s finest exports. Through his remarkable set of releases, he has shown his creativity and versatility to the world, fusing together various styles within the electronic and indie genres. Especially with his impressive remixes for the likes of Jack Ü and DJ Snake, CDC certainly has a promising future ahead of him.

Similarly, Edgar Orillac, or better known as KOSH, has achieved success in this business as well and now after teaming up with CDC, his musical journey should only become expedited. Displaying their innovative sounds to the world, CDC and KOSH have finally unveiled their brand new production titled “Vanished Calls”.

Opening up with a chilling buildup, the track immediately captures the audience’s attention and once the piano sequence commences, the listener instantly becomes drawn in. “Vanished Calls” soon transitions into the climax, which resembles the type of sound we would expect from the likes of Madeon and Porter Robinson.

Another progression ensues afterwards and precedes the final drop that delivers a unique and gripping experience with its astonishing synths and melodies. Overall, CDC and KOSH collectively prove their incredible talents with a massive home-run hit in the form of “Vanished Calls”.

Listen to the full track below.