The Chainsmokers announce release date and plans for their new album

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the Grammys, The Chainsmokers revealed their plans for their upcoming album. The vocalist-producer from the duo, Alex, seemed to mistakenly blur out the date of release and album title.

The full length album is titled “Memories: Do Not Open” and will be released on the 7th of April. It’s been an incredible few months for the electric duo. From being called the “Nickleback of EDM” by various outlets to grabbing a Grammy for their monstrous radio hit, Don’t Let Me Down.

Winning the prestigious Grammy award in the category of Best Dance Recording is simply just not enough for The Chainsmokers. It’s safe to say that they’re upcoming LP is going to contain some of the biggest dance and pop music hits of 2017 and beyond. As of this moment, we have no information regarding track lists but it’s expected that their latest track, “Paris” will make it on the cover.

The duo’s album is going to be celebrated in a rather unique way. A 40-day arena tour has been announced and every ticket holder will receive the full album with his or her purchase. More info to follow!