Claude VonStroke drops unexpected debut album under his real name

Claude VonStroke unexpectedly dropped an album under his real name Barclay Crenshaw. The move came as a surprise to fans but made sense as you wouldn’t expect to hear these tunes come from the Claude VonStroke project.

Crenshaw has returned to his musical roots in this album, as we see heavy influences from the genres of Hip-Hop and rap dictating the direction of the album. Claude is mostly known for his energetic electronic music that was driven by his Dirtybird label, DJ colleagues and his very own event concept.

Billboard reports Barclay has titled the album and the project after himself in an attempt to showcase his ‘true’ self and represent his musical background in a more pure sense. The house and techno mastermind hasn’t just tried to bend genres on this one, he’s crossed over to a large extent. The 10 track album sounds something likes 90s hip-hop meets electronic music and is opening up his fanbase quite nicely.

Last month, Claude dropped his mixtape as ‘Barclay Crenshaw’ on his SoundCloud which packed some massive tunes and edits, with the elements of acid-trip, hip-hop and jungle flowing through it. Fans were thrilled to hear the set and Barclay brought in an audience comprised of both electronic music and hip-hop/rap lovers on board.

The Barclay Crenshaw project isn’t just going to be a one-off affair. The American powerhouse will be playing a string of festivals and shows this year under the Crenshaw name. You can find his tour dates here.

Check out the album below and do let us know what you think!