Denis Sulta – Sulta Selects Vol. 1

Denis Sulta’s rise over the past two years has been nothing short of remarkable. The Scottish producer/DJ has turned from bedroom producer into one of the most promising talents in house and techno, and has proven himself to be a real force in the studio once more with his latest release, the first on his new Sulta Selects label with two club-ready anthems Nein Fortiate and Dubelle Oh XX (JVIP). 

Sulta previously released one of the biggest tunes of 2015 on Jackmaster’s Numbers label entitled It’s Only Realand now the Glaswegian is back with two tracks that are just as good, if not better than his first big hit. Nein Fortiate opens up the EP and will now doubt surprise first-time listeners due to its enticing blend of unique synths and sounds which provide something new in house music. After a two minute long intro the track kicks into life with a gliding, swooning synth that acts as the main hook of the track. Evolving and gaining tension over time, the synth works well with the opposing baseline and the two go hand in hand to create an anthemic vibe to the track.

Dubelle Oh XX features a similar sound synth as its main hook, but this track seems to really tell a story with the two synth lines almost telling a story as they appear simultaneously throughout the tune. Sulta himself (real name Hector Barbour) revealed that the track was inspired by a late-night argument one weekend in Glasgow, and this really becomes apparent towards the end of the tune as a massive and sudden rave-stab and almost dubstep-like break completely interrupts the flow of the tune and takes the listener by surprise. If you’ve ever heard this part dropped in a club, you’ll no doubt know just how effective it really is. Sulta seems to be adept at creating tension in his tunes, and its definitely most obvious here. One of the finest releases so far in 2017.