DubVision – Satellites

Dutch brothers DubVision have been relatively quiet on the release front in recent months, at least for their standards. And having announced at the end of 2016 that they will be taking their music in a slightly different direction from the melodic progressive house that they are renowned for, the pair have been experimenting with unique and creative sounds, whilst still maintaining the signature DubVision touch. Thankfully they are back with brand new music, this time in the form of ‘Satellites‘, which has just been released on Michael Brun‘s KidCoconut label. Of course, the duo are no strangers to this imprint, having teamed up with the label boss to bring us their progressive anthem ‘Sun In Your Eyes’ – a track that has stood the test of time and still produces an incredible crowd reaction when dropped in today’s live sets.

This latest track has a more feel-good, tropical vibe to it in comparison to the high-energy and intensity of their previous work, but that’s not to say that is any way less impressive. In an era where it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out as a music producer, this is a refreshing break from the heaving drops that are ever present in the modern scene. The vocals also add an emotional touch, before the Dutch duo’s melodic tendencies take over during the exquisite drop. One thing that is guaranteed with DubVision is a quality production, and the attention to detail shines through once again here. We look forward to hearing what else these talented brothers have to offer as we itch ever closer to festival season.

Check out ‘Satellites‘ below.