Exclusive Interview: Lehar on the Diynamic family, and working with Solomun

“I try to learn something new from everyone, every day. I’m like a sponge. I’ve met very interesting and beautiful people, I’m not talking only about the artists but also of the people who are working inside the agency and the Diynamic label, people who work in the music and live for the music like me. Sure, we share ideas every day, but I like showing them my latest music and I trust their advice.”

At first, to describe yourself as a ‘sponge’ might seem a fairly unique comparison, but in Lehar’s case, here lies an artistic producer who is willing to take in everything he can, and give what he has learned back to the public, his label, and his ever growing fan-base. His musical sublimity and beauty find their roots in Romanticism. As you may notice while listening to Lehar’s compositions, intuition and emotion are the basis of his creative process, resulting in a near impromptu final production.

His debut EP ‘Sargas’ on Offenbach imprint Connaisseur Recordings put him on the map of modern electronic music and represents his artistic manifesto: a mixture of sounds and atmospheres of dramatic effects characterized by intimate basslines and intriguing melodies. But it is since entering the realms of the legendary Diynamic label, by producing a remix for Ost & Kjex′s “Easy”, which went #1 on Beatport′s Electronica Top100, that has catapulted Lehar into the limelight. And right now, this sponge is dripping quality music all over his listeners, as we found out in this exclusive interview when we caught up with the man himself:

“In terms of joining Diynamic, I had the first contact with Solomun around 3 years ago, then 2 years back I met the Adriatique boys and we became closer and closer. We started talking about the idea of me joining the Diynamic Music family, and then one year ago I directly received the invitation from Solomun – and since that moment… I’m in!”


Naturally, for these reasons, Lehar’s kind words extend far when it comes to discussing the man with his own residency at Pacha Ibiza, as he was quick to point out.

“Solomun is a very kind person, very calm and since the beginning I felt very comfortable talking to and sharing ideas with him. The more time we had spent together in this year made our relationship stronger and more loyal.”

Despite huge dance music influences these days originating from the likes of Sweden and the Netherlands, the man himself feels that his own native country is a sleeping giant of the dance world:

“Italy has been a very good country for dance music since the ’90s. But at the moment the scene is really growing more and more, with both clubs and festivals.”

And so it seemed only natural to ask him about his creative process and what goes through the mind of such a naturally gifted producer when creating a new track.

“Good question! Hmmmmm (*thinks)… I don’t know! (*laughs) I mean, it’s really what I feel in that moment and what I want to say that makes the production special in that moment. For me, creativity is based on the emotion and intuition.”

But one thing was for sure, the creative juices of Lehar’s sponge-like personality flow much better at night, and he had good reasoning as to why he believed this to be the case:

“Usually, during the day I love dedicating time to my girl, my house and myself. All these things are not making me tired, but actually, giving me positive energies, which I then turn into nice vibrations with creating my music at night.”

And so whilst mentioning working through the night, it only seemed right to talk about Lehar’s “All Through The Night” tour.

“It’s a little dream which came true, thanks to the fantastic Diynamic team and to the promoters and everyone who trusted in this project from the beginning. I strongly believe that something special can happen between the people and the DJ when the DJ is the only one playing for them all night.”


But playing from dusk to dawn can be relentless in terms of scheduling. Luckily, Lehar had some key tips on how to handle the constant traveling around.

“I have to say that I’m getting used to this, the important thing is trying to eat clean and drink a lot of water and vitamin juices, of course during this tight schedule I try to avoid alcohol during the night.”

Without a doubt, one of the Italian’s most monstrous releases so far is the terrific “Lonestar Memories,” a track that came about during a particularly productive spell.

“Lonestar Memories” was actually made during the same creativity period of “Magical Realism”, “Fantasia” and “Bianca Dreams”, they all came out during a period of two 2 months. And “Lonestar Memories” was the first one. In the beginning I was thinking that maybe something was missing in the track or that was too simple, but when I played it the first time I recognized that the tune was complete and it was finished.”

So, what was left to discuss with this creative sponge who works well at night and has a great relationship with Solomun? Quite simply, what does the future hold for Lehar, and the music that he is creating?

“Well, who knows? (*laughs*) Let’s say that I’m trying to use the present to learn more and more things from life, trying to enjoy every moment of these fantastic things that are happening to me. I am working hard to be a better human first and foremost, and then also, a better artist too!”

So there you have it, it looks like we have much more to look forward to from this fantastic talent in 2017, and judging by his inspirational work to date, more Lehar can only be a positive for everyone!


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