Gorillaz’ new album is finished, says Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn (founder of the Gorillaz project and also a member of famous brit pop band ‘Blur‘) was kind enough to have a chat with a lucky fan named Jack Winstanley who waited patiently outside Albarn’s work place for a chance to talk to the man himself. After the encounter, Winstanley posted a series of tweets revealing potentially important things that Albarn had said, as well as posting a photo of the pair on twitter as proof.

According to Winstanley, Albarn hinted to him that Gorillaz will be touring very soon as well as revealing that the new Gorillaz album was finished and rehearsals for the tour were well under way. With Gorillaz releasing their ‘Hallelujah Money‘ track earlier this year, which was their first release after six years of silence, what Winstanley is saying could definitely be a true and honest statement. We’ve got our fingers crossed that it certainly is!

Read the full tweets sent out by Winstanley via his account in the link below: