Hardwell teams up with Jay Sean in a Reddit AMA

Hardwell and Jay Sean have recently announced that they will be hosting an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit in order to help promote their brand new single ‘Thinking About You‘ which is out now! Now the Reddit AMA is over, we have learnt some secrets and answers to important questions that people have been dying to know so lets dive in and reveal some highlights from the AMA.

First up, Hardwell was asked about the future of his collaboration with Martin Garrix entitled ‘Music Box’ which has been flying around as an ‘ID’ for a while now. He responded ‘nope maybe another collab in the future indicating the track will sadly never be released. Later on in the AMA he revealed ‘Ultra Miami‘ as his favourite music festival, emphasising the fact that it is still one of the biggest music festivals in the world.

Another good question came in, which asked: ‘Hi Robbert, is there a style or genre that you can see blowing up this year in a similar way to future bass did in 2016?‘. The response was ‘I would say that trance would make a come back in 2017‘, could we possibly see a big year for trance? Only time will tell.

The two artists delved into revealing production secrets when asked how long it takes them to write a song. Hardwell responded with ‘Depends on the inspiration. Some song ideas take me a couple of hours, some songs take months from start to finish‘ and Jay Sean replied with ‘some take me a few hours if its all in the zone. others need refining over a few days

Hardwell also gave some important advice about your hearing and ears, stating ‘buy custom ear plugs! Always use hearing protection while you’re dj’ing and when you go out, I have -15db‘.

Moving onto the ‘fun’ answers, Hardwell revealed his favourite pizza was ‘salami‘ and Jay Sean’s was ‘pepperoni‘. Jay revealed later on that his favourite cheese was ‘ricotta‘ which is a surprising choice!

Read the full AMA in the link below:

We are DJ/producer Hardwell and recording artist Jay Sean – Ask Us Anything! from Music