Headhunterz – Landslide

Headhunterz is renowned as one of the Netherland’s most consistent and prolific producers, so whenever new material and content flicks up alongside his name, notice is rightfully taken and intrigue heightened. And with his continuous vlog series, which has gathered some positive feedback over the last couple of months, the Dutch artist has now carried on this positive momentum by treating fans to a brand new release in the shape of “Landslide”.

From start to finish, Headhunterz’ signature melodies and chord progressions are an absolute treat to listen to. Emotion and atmosphere are at the core of “Landslide”‘, centring around the cheeky and spine-tingling vocals. Hauntingly beautiful and instantly memorable, this track is far from your typical EDM production, but instead is a refreshing break from the heavy drops and striking kicks that we have become accustomed to hearing in today’s charts.

Taking the listener on an enchanting journey, Willem Rebergen aka Headhunterz experiments with a more chilled vibe than some of his previous tracks. But what the track may lack in energy it makes up for in emotion, as this track certainly provides a fresh auditory experience for any music lover and showcases the undeniable prowess Headhunterz possesses.

Check out “Landslide”‘ in full below.

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