Joris Voorn unveils Spectrum Photo Project

Hot on the heels of four sold out Spectrum shows in Amsterdam, London, Paris and Manchester, Joris Voorn has unveiled a new multi-media photography project aimed at documenting European club culture through people who live and breathe it. In order to tell this story, the Dutchman has teamed up with renowned photographer Jos Kottman who accompanied Joris to all his Spectrum dates bringing a mobile photo studio along with him.

Over the course of two weekends, Kottmann shot almost 500 people across the first four parties with selected pictures now online. The people who are involved in the Spectrum concept were all sent their unique high-res portrait photo via email. The photo project is Joris’ way of bringing the fans closer to the Spectrum concept, letting them be part of it in a different way. Joris even went the extra mile and edited all the photos himself to create a truly personal document of these parties. It is a concept he has declared himself, rightly, proud of:

“The final result is simply amazing in so many ways. It’s a very original and unique project. To have the audience take part in a shoot like this has been quite an intimate experience, especially while doing all the work on every single photo afterwards, seeing the people for who they are.”

The Dutchman’s Spectrum concept has exploded over the last two weeks, and can now be heard on Joris’ SoundCloud in his set from Marktkantine, which has already accrued over 28,000 plays in less than a week. Following on from the first run of shows, Joris has now announced the next stage of the Spectrum project, adding:

“At lot of DJs have their own branded club nights that are very much focused on them and other DJs around them but I think that’s missing the point. All they want is their name on the poster in the biggest letters possible but other than that it’s normally just another club show. The life-blood of any nightclub, party or festival isn’t actually the DJ on the stage but rather the people dancing in the crowd.”

The next SPECTRUM Event will be on Wednesday 22nd March at ‘Don’t Sit On The Furniture’ in Miami, followed by events during Sonar and ADE and his Spectrum stage at Awakenings Festival 2017. But until then, why not enjoy his insane Spectrum Amsterdam set, below.

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