JOWST – Grab the Moment

Joakim With Steen is yet another upcoming artist who is set to make long strides within this highly competitive industry. Mostly known as his moniker JOWST, this Norwegian producer has recently displayed his incredible talents with an original, pop-infused track titled “Grab the Moment”.

Hailing from the city of Oslo, JOWST has quite an outstanding musical background from songwriting for and playing in a band to graduating from school as a music producer. In 2011, he also successfully established Red Line Studio in which he has been working as a sound engineer and producer.

Talking about working the job he is passionate about, JOWST stated:

“Working as a sound engineer and producer for so many other artists in all possible genres, is something that reflects in my own productions. I’m a big fan of mixing genres. This is how new genres are born, and that’s how you make tomorrow’s music”.

With his remarkable portfolio thus far in his career, JOWST is geared for nothing but success in this business. He has delivered a couple of impressive remixes, including his own rendition of DJ Snake’s massive hit “Let Me Love You” and his take on CLMD’s Armada Trice release “Night Train”.

Pushing himself beyond the comfort zone, JOWST has recently dropped his brand new record called “Grab the Moment”, which features vocals from Aleksander Walmann. Featuring a seamless combination between the pop vocals and the melody-driven instrumentals, this track overall provides the audience with a captivating listening experience and you can listen to the full track below from Spotify.