Luciani – Fractale

French up and comer Luciani has evolved his sound significantly over the last couple of years, moving away from a more mainstream tropical house vibe to some heavy underground techno. One thing that remains constant is his overall production quality, as he continues to deliver unique and original content while blending experimental sounds, meaning this rising star has definitely set himself up for tremendous success in the future.

Following the success of his popular hit ‘Kubick‘, the talented producer carries on this momentum by crafting a stunning twist up of rhythmic flows and atmospheric touches which combine perfectly in this latest release entitled “Fractale”. And to make things even better, the track has just become available as a free download. Glazing through with a powerful techno backbone to present a remarkable synthesis of sounds, the fusion of appealing breakdowns and rhythmic drops is ever-present.

The addition of some acidic synths is almost Prydz-like in nature, taking the listener on a journey across layers of sound ranging from energetic melody compositions to lush build up patterns. With its hard-hitting drums and striking techno elements, the drop definitely has the capability of energising an entire crowd and making every single audience member dance to the beat.

Taking the listeners back to the old-school party vibes that many dance music enthusiasts have undoubtedly missed, ‘Fractale‘ is certainly a massive step in the right direction for this French protege, as his future looks increasingly bright.

Stream and download the track in full below.