Malaa – Bylina

Mysterious masked producer Malaa strikes back with an epic brand new release, entitled ‘Bylina‘. This sweet new single will feature on Malaa’s upcoming project ‘Illegal Mixtape‘ where many more of his tunes will arise from his unreleased catalog. Again, Tchami’s own label ‘Confession‘ have released this track, proving that the future house pioneer has been a real help to the Malaa project.

Most songs in the electronic dance music scene usually have names that have no relevance to the actual song, however, there is a clever link between ‘Bylina‘ and the song produced. ‘Bylina’ is a Russian term that roughly translates to an epic narrative often kept alive by oral tradition. The narrative within this track takes house music back to its roots by bringing back a classic sample.

‘Bylina’ can be considered as one of Malaa’s heavier tracks, taking house to another level by adding a much higher variety of quirky sounds in the drop as well as having a captivating break that combines an awesome old-school house vocal with an uplifting chord progression.

The track is out now so take a listen below: