Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber’s collaboration is on its way

Martin Garrix has slowly been drifting towards the Pop spectrum of things over the last couple of months and it looks like he’s going at it full swing as he was spotted together in the studio with Justin Bieber. After already announcing an upcoming collaboration back in 2016, the two music sensations have now updated their fans that their upcoming work is in progress. The two artists are seen in a picture, presumably working on some music in the studio. Bieber took a selfie of the happenings and posted it to his 77 million Instagram followers.

The picture gained over a million likes within just a day.

Justin Bieber is known to provide top-lines on previous electronic music based projects with Jack Ü, Major Lazer and Skrillex in 2016. “Where Are Ü Now” with Skrillex & Diplo even went on to win a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

If a collaboration is in the works, (and it very well could be), Martin Garrix might end up bagging yet another Grammy for the electronic music community. The team-up is still just speculation but we’ll have to wait for more information in the coming months.

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